Ordinary Cycles
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These days you can buy a bike almost anywhere, from toy stores to discount stores & big boxes. Even on the Internet. Why would you need a Bicycle Shop?

We hope you've never confused bicycles with toys,video games, books, or gas grills.

Ordinary Cycles  is a place where you can start out with a decent bike that fits you properly or spec your own custom dream machine. It's a place where you can meet new friends that cycle or hash out last week's ride or race with cyclists you've known for years. We're also a place where you can come to learn about technical terms you don't quite understand or to debate the merits of materials, wheelbuilding, or current events in our little sphere. Just drop in for a waterbottle, some HEED, a tube, a HAMMER bar, a tube or whatever. We feel whether it's just transport,or a        Dream Machine your bike deserves a home where someone else cares about your bicycle just as much as you do.

Ordinary Cycles is a place devoted to bicycles, not a place to get snowboards, the hot new toy, video game or a vacuum cleaner.